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Learn Spoken Business English

To speak a language, you have to speak it! There is no other way...

Mastering your English to evolve in your professional environment

Atteignez vos objectifs dans votre environnement professionnel en maîtrisant l’anglais des affaires !
Méthode exclusive « Listening & Speaking » pour débloquer rapidement votre oral et booster votre carrière.

"Listening & Speaking" method with Our e-radio EnglishWaves.

In addition to your courses to improve your spoken English, you will have 24/7 access to the only French radio station broadcasting in English to develop your comprehension. With news, general and industry-specific vocabulary, over 1,500 podcasts available for slow listening and downloads.

Speaking training to evolve in your professional environment

Training space for HR and DF

Are you in charge of Human resources or training at your company : contact us with us to quickly enhance your team's business English skills.

10 langues by accelerated speaking

For the CPF or for companies we offer 10 general or business languages with experts native to the taught language

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