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Are you a Training Manager, HR Director or a Company director, do you need to check the English level of your teams to respond to international markets or simply to work with foreign clients, even those located in France?


Did you know that?

  • 64% of managers do not consider themselves to be up to standard in spoken English (Ifop Systran survey))

  • 50% of companies have already lost business due to inadequate English language skills (EIU Economist Intelligence Unit study))

Help your employees develop their
professional English skills

Have you tested your teams, are they ready to take on a new client with full command of the vocabulary for your businessof your profession?

Test your teams with a fast method

Your business and expertise should not lose quality just because of a lack of language.

Business Speaking has created a professional lexical method 5 times faster by getting to the heart of the needs of understanding and expression. A language must be understood before it is spoken. Oral immersion and the progression of auditory frequency are therefore fundamental. Not all nationalities are equal in ease of learning. Hearing frequency directly determines the level of comprehension and expression.


A free evaluation for your employees

We can offer you the possibility to have your employees tested to introduce them to the Business Speaking method. They will be able to evaluate their level of knowledge for their function and professional speciality.

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English training course

Language comprehension and expression

The ear has an auditory frequency which is the key to the language comprehension and expression. Each language has an auditory frequency determined by the level and rhythm of the sounds (studies carried out by Professor of Medicine Alfred Tomatis)

Example: French is between 1,000 and 2,000 Hz, English between 2,000 and 12,000 Hz and the languages of Eastern European countries between 12,500 Hz and 80,000 Hz, which explains the recognised ease with which these populations speak several languages and learn music by ear.

For the French, it is therefore a priority to work on the hearing taking into account the frequency deficit.

Not forgetting, 80% of spoken professional exchanges take place by telephone.

formation anglais des affaires pour les entreprises

Why should employees take a business English course?

The English language being the ultimate international language used by many international companies for communication and commercial negotiations, so its mastery is essential. Your teams will probably have to deal with foreign clients or partners in English, and a good understanding of English ensures effective and professional communication. 


Training your employees in business English is essential for :

By mastering business English, employees will be able to communicate more effectively with international customers, suppliers and colleagues, which can improve their productivity and working relationships.

Proficiency in business English can be an asset for employees who wish to progress in their careers and apply for positions abroad or to work with international clients.

By offering training to their employees, companies can show that they are also interested in their professional development and well-being, which can lead to better motivation and job satisfaction.

English is the language of international business and many companies have foreign customers or partners. By being able to communicate effectively in English, your company can be more competitive in the international market.

Offering training in English can be an advantage for your company in terms of recruitment, allowing you to attract new talent who speak the language.

Business English training,
tailor-made for companies

Tailor-made training in spoken English for your employees

Our spoken English courses are tailor-made ! There are no prerequisites for our training courses, regardless of the starting level of your employees. 

After testing, the training will start. Our prices are among the most competitive on the market, with all-inclusive or customised packages.

Choose our tailor-made courses to improve English communication in your company. Contact us now to get your personalised quote.
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