Tailor-made training


Business Speaking training objectives

Know how to present yourself, your company, products, key figures, assets

Know how to ask questions, respond to questions and objections

Conduct a conversation, a negotiation, a partnership

Follow a meeting or a conference call with interlocutors of different nationalities in all circumstances

Know how to convey a message, give instructions

Make proposals with appropriate levels of argument

Expressing agreement, disagreement

Expressing a certainty, a possibility, a probability

Know how to interrupt and reformulate the interlocutor's observations

Integrate discussions of more general interest: economic, political, social, family... into face-to-face situations

Teaching documents

Your business documents

Business-conversations focus on your professional documents with which you work on a daily basis: websites, powerpoint presentations, company documentation (corporate, products, advertising, etc.), conferences, trade shows, congresses, etc. We are bound by professional secrecy and assure you of our utmost confidentiality. The same Business Speaking teacher cannot work with directly competing companies.

Lesson-recap: your personalised glossary

You will receive a "Lesson-recap" sheet after each lesson, so 40 lessons > 40 lesson-recap sheets: they summarise the key words, expressions, idioms, vocabulary, false friends, etc. that you use regularly in your activity. These sheets are an excellent way of revising the teacher's corrections and advice. They constitute your own glossary tailored to your needs and your profession.

Transversal "Grammar sheets"

Grammar is not treated in a school-like manner: grammar points are discussed in a transversal way, applied only to the professional content you are dealing with with your teacher.

Requirements and timelines

No knowledge pre-requisite

is required to access our courses, whatever the starting level.
Telephone or internet connection is required for videoconferencing courses

After the trial lessons have been completed, the training begins as soon as the client is available and has given their consent

People with disabilities

For people with disabilities, please contact us.

Contact us at
01 71 11 30 57

or ask to be called back

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