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Professional English courses

by phone or visio, a method that is 5 times faster.

5 reasons to take a professional English course

Lessons by phone or visio

80% des échanges professionnels oraux se déroulent par téléphone

This is the reality of today's long-distance professional exchanges, using landlines, mobile phones, videoconferencing... either in one's own language or for conversations in professional English. These spoken exchanges require practice on the telephone for better understanding and faster learning of professional English.

Better concentration over the phone making business English training faster

Understanding on the phone requires concentration to listen to every syllable, every word, every expression, without the help of the speaker's eyes or gestures. This learning method guarantees rapid progress in professional English. The use of videoconferencing allows for faster communication, particularly for the instant transmission of documents.

Fluid exchanges in business English

Hearing develops by working on the sensory nerves. Gradually, the understanding of professional English through speech becomes more distinct and recognisable, which makes face-to-face discussions much more comfortable and more easily audible.

Fast-paced business English, with lessons of 30-45 minutes fits easily into schedules

Unlike face-to-face classroom or individual lessons which last 2 hours and therefore very difficult to fit into an overloaded and unpredictable schedule, English conversation lessons by telephone can be arranged between meetings, at lunchtime, while travelling, without disrupting the whole day.

An accelerated development of professional English, 5 TIMES FASTER

By practising English over the phone or by visio you will understand and become fluent in the language 5 times faster than in a traditional classroom course with 5 participants. (Study carried out by ID Conseil)

The Business Speaking method, professional spoken English

This method applies to all functions that are looking to progress quickly!

The originality of our lessons:

business conversations by telephone, visio or face-to-face. Spoken business English focuses on each participant's "core business function" by working with the main words or expressions regularly used in each role or job.

First axis: "Core business function".

300-500 key words or phrases identified in each activity.

Step 1: Presentation

Personal and professional presentation of the participant on his/her function, job, clients, partners, key figures, dates, teams, etc. Working on company documents.

Step 2: Role-playing

Role-playing on the participant's function (consultation, negotiation, organisation...) with the use of key professional expressions, constraints and practices of the sector.

Step 3: Setting the scene

Simulation of "business" situations (customer, supplier, hierarchical, policy...) with the first steps in handling complex situations

Step 4: Speaking preparation

Preparation for real or fictitious deadlines. Each participant can prepare and practice with his or her teacher for upcoming professional events: meetings, prospecting, conference calls, project presentations, etc.

Step 5: Personalised role-playing

Personalised role-playing (professional, social, interpersonal, etc.) that can include more general situations in the context of public relations and lobbying.

Second axis: "Professional environment".

400 additional key words or expressions - Second focus as soon as possible in conjunction with the business-function focus to master the professional, economic and social language of one's environment.

Third axis: "Personal environment".

2000 words for an enlarged language - After having found fluency and confidence in the professional language, the extension to the personal environment leads to a very important expansion of vocabulary and to a command of all linguistic situations. of public relations and lobbying.
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