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Free evaluation of your spoken English level.

Your level of spoken English will be assessed at the end of the two trial lessons.

Do you need to be able to speak English in your professional environment? Meetings, telephone or visio exchanges... So many contexts that you need to manage in order to evolve in your career.

At Business Speaking, we have put in place a free trial lesson to assess your level of spoken English, free of charge. This English lesson, by visio or telephone, is individual and tailor-made, as it is designed tp adapt to your job and your function.

Your level of spoken English will be assessed at the end of the trial lesson

Business Speaking test at the beginning of the course "BSE In" and at the end of the course "BSE Out" in accordance with the European CEFR English test criteria
Common European Framework of References,
Cadre Européen d’Echelle de Référence linguistique

  • The "BSE In" level test the Business English test allows us to assess the participant's objectives in both a professional and personal context, the needs for evolution in their function and responsibilities as well as the professional language practices of their profession, in order to adapt the pedagogical programme and the right pace.
  • The "BSE Out" English test defines the development of the level, the points to be monitored and the priority criteria to be worked on.

English assessment levels:

Description BSE CEF English Cambridge Exam English Test TOEIC

You use only a few words such as common greetings. You can understand simple questions, single words and reproduce learned expressions.

Beginner A1.2    

You can understand sentences and questions put to you slowly, in a conversation about simple everyday situations.
You can ask simple questions and introduce yourself, make contact, talk in simple terms about your likes and dislikes.

Elementary A 2.1
A 2.2

Key English Test

Score: 255-400 (1)

You can understand a native speaker if he or she does not speak too fast, but you have difficulty understanding if the language is very informal or conversely very formal.
You know the basic structures but do not use them spontaneously. In terms of oral expression, spontaneity begins to develop in simple situations, but the speech remains halting and you search for words.

Pre-intermediate A 2.3
B 1.1

Preliminary English Test

Score : 405-600 (1+)

You can understand the main points of a moderately complex spoken message, often requiring repetition. You can understand routine work-related explanations. You can express yourself more or less accurately with a certain degree of fluency. Intermediate B 1.2
B 1.3
Preliminary English Test
Score : 405-600 (1+)
You have good fluency and can express your ideas with a wide range of vocabulary and styles, but you still have some difficulty with complex sentences. You have a good command of structures and vocabulary but lack concision, nuance and fluency in situations where you need to express your ideas. Post-intermediate B 2.1 Cambridge First Certificate

Score: 605-780 (2)

Your comprehension is good, but listening is difficult when several people are discussing a complex topic simultaneously. You express yourself fluently, although some grammatical errors persist. You need to expand your vocabulary to cope with larger oral communication situations. You understand most business situations and speakers at international meetings. Advanced B 2.2 Cambridge First Certificate

Score : 785-900 (2+)

Your understanding is accurate in most cases. You can express yourself on an unlimited number of topics, with fluency and spontaneity. You can use complex sentences and idioms. Any technical vocabulary (other than that in the trainee's field) remains to be acquired. Competent C 1 Certificate in Advanced English

Score: 905-990 (3/3+)

You use a wide range of linguistic skills close to those of your mother tongue. You are able to conduct meetings, read all kinds of business documents, negotiate contracts... Your understanding is good in any situation. Expert C 2

Certificate of Proficiency in English

Score: 905-990 (3/3+)

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