Business English

Accelerated spoken method in business English

The 5 added values of Business Speaking

Accelerated oral business English for your profession without wasting time!

Business Speaking, business-conversations about your role and your job that develop your skills five times faster, regardless of your level

Accelerated spoken English through immersion is done in the office, by telephone, by visio, at any time of the day.

1. Business conversations tailored to your role and your business

in the form of role-playing, interviews and simulations to practice your business relationships, conference calls and company presentations based on your daily business files.

2. Spoken English using the accelerated method by telephone, visio or face-to-face.

A non-school, non-written method, without books, without work to do at home.

3. An individual teacher-coach specialised in your field

Throughout your package, you can change teachers to explore different accents

4. Native English or American teachers

based in France

Hours to suit all schedules.

Business Speaking training objectives

How to introduce yourself, know how to present yourself, your company, products, key figures, assets
Know how to ask your questions, respond to questions and objections
Conduct a conversation, a negotiation, a negotiation, a partnership
Follow a meeting or a conference call with interlocutors of different nationalities in all circumstances
Know how to convey a message, give instructions
Make proposals with appropriate levels of argument
Expressing agreement, disagreement
Expressing certainty, a possibility, a probability Know how to interrupt, reformulate the interlocutor's observations
Integrating discussions of more general interest: economic, political, social, family... in face-to-face situations

Business Speaking course concept

Business Conversations by telephone and/or videoconference. Conversational business English is focused on the "core business function" of each participant by working with the main words or expressions regularly used in each function.
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