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Client satisfaction 4,4/5 MCF

At last, a course that is adapted to my real professional needs. The role-playing exercises quickly prove to be effective, it is appreciable and it quickly gave me confidence in myself and made me really want to continue

Zodiac Aerospace, G. Delamare Aerazur Supply Manager

I have really enjoyed working with Eileen, the method, materials and topics she has implemented to suit my professional needs are excellent and have helped me to progress in English. I would like to continue to build on what I have learnt and especially to improve my comprehension and fluency.

Weight Watchers, C. Lagorio Product Manager

The accent is a positive point. I would like to thank you for recommending this teacher to me because this training with a person with a "strong" American accent was very beneficial. I had a lot of exchanges and a lot of time to talk, which allowed me to better understand my colleagues from across the Atlantic.

Algeco, B. Desplat Process and Methods Director

The topics I wanted to learn more about were discussed with my teacher, without any problems. I liked my trainer and the frequency of the courses. This is already the second time I have done this course, and certainly not the last.

Axel France, L. Moignier Laboratory Manager

The training really adapts to the participant's problems whatever they are: comprehension, grammar, pronunciation, and the desired vocabulary. The teacher knows how to propose and adapt, and is very efficient.

Aquaprism, P. Poncet Director

Very satisfied with my teacher. The thirty-minute telephone conversations are really well adapted.

Tetra Pak France, P. de Noray Director of Environment and External Relations

It is a very good method and the lessons are of very good quality. I got used to my English lessons twice a week which I miss at the moment! These classes have allowed me to apply all the theoretical knowledge I had learnt in theory during the classic English classes and also to gain more confidence in speaking English, especially on the phone. I would like to keep up this pace and continue to practice...I will resume classes as soon as possible. In the meantime, as my teacher advised, I am trying to read books and listen to radio programmes on the web with and without subtitles ...

Institut Curie, M. Coulon Clinical Research Associate

I have to schedule one or two meetings a week with my teacher because it is the only way to make me feel more comfortable with the English language. I asked her to focus on the vocabulary that would allow me to follow a general conversation more easily, which is done regularly. When she detects a point that I am lacking, she suggests exercises related to this difficulty during the next lesson. I appreciate the summaries she sends me which I reread before the next lesson. The alternation of conversation and grammar and vocabulary exercises is important for progress.

Air Products Healthcare France, N. Berthaud Billing & Cash Activities Supervisor

Just a quick note to say that I am particularly happy with the English courses. We are making good progress thanks to the methodology and your pedagogy, and we often work on professional emails in English, where the writing advice requires much more than just knowledge of the English language: a quick understanding of the subject, the ins and outs, general culture, cross-cultural knowledge, psychology.... It's important to say things when they are right.

Integralife, G. Vuaille Quality and Regulatory Manager

It was exactly the training I needed, the trainer listened to my requests and my weaknesses. The flexible method allows me to fit in with my professional activity. My progress is real and I am gaining confidence.

Saint-Gobain Ecophon, E. Jacob Regional Manager

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