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Do you want to progress quickly in English in your job? Do you have a conference or seminar to give in English? Are you going on a business trip? Do you have an interview to attend but are not well prepared?

Training in spoken immersion by telephone as a fast-track approach offers undeniable advantages over immersion courses, for example in Great Britain, Ireland or the United States. Indeed, it is very difficult, with a busy schedule, to leave for a few days for an immersion stay. On the other hand, the method " Professional English immersion course by telephone" "proposed by Business Speaking is more easily integrated into a professional and personal schedule. With 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute phone lessons and the option of daily sessions, progress is 5 times faster than in a traditional group or face-to-face method.

Our teaching method meets the professional needs and objectives of all professions through immersion business English courses. In fact, taking a fast course in professional English with native teachers from Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, UK, Ireland, Canada...) without having to travel is a considerable asset for reconciling language progress with professional planning.
The principle of immersion is simple, never speak French during English lessons by telephone for a fast performance and optimal progress in all spoken communications conducted remotely and for face-to-face interviews.
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