Develop your skills in your professional environment and obtain solid knowledge in business Englishthrough online visio courses with certified professionals. We offer 30-35 minute visio courses that fit easily into your schedule.

Follow a professional English training 5 times faster thanks to the visio learning method. Through regular verbal exchanges in English, you will be able to adapt and progress rapidly in your work with a better understanding of business in English.

Fast professional English by visio

With Business Speaking, benefit from personalised visio English courses adapted to your job and your role.

Professionals meet with you by visio for exchanges in English targetedon vocabulary specific to your professional environment.

How can I learn business English quickly? Our specific and professional courses will help you to quickly develop a better understanding of business in English. Develop the best English language reflexes and skills in a professional context.

How can I improve my business English speaking skills? Our oral video conference courses are suitable for all types of jobs and allow you to progress in business English. Each profession uses specific vocabulary and expressions, which is why we target each field so that your learning is beneficial and quickly applicable in your professional environment.

Practising your professional English by video means enriching your English skills efficiently with a strong interpersonal contact thanks to our certified teachers who are present in face-to-face video to meet your expectations.

What is the benefit of learning business English by visio?

With Business Speaking, benefit from a 100% spoken learning method to quickly learn business English faster.
Our visio courses are delivered by experienced teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of business English. Today, business communication at a distance is mainly verbal. These spoken exchanges require regular practice for a greater understanding and faster learning of business English.

Progressing in business English

Learning business English by visio is beneficial, as face-to-face visio gives you better concentration, more accurate listening and greater adaptability to complex topics related to your business sector.

Business English visio lessons for optimal concentration

In business English, good oral comprehension requires concentration to listen to every word, syllable, expression and intonation. Exchanging via visio lessons guarantees rapid and optimal oral progress. In fact, the use of videoconferencing allows for faster communication, especially for the instantaneous transmission of documents.

Visio English courses, face-to-face discussions

Our professional English courses will help you to progress faster. Hearing develops by working on the sensory nerves. Gradually, your understanding of spoken English will become more distinct and recognisable, giving you greater comfort in a face-to-face discussion.
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