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In a professional world where companies are becoming more and more international and where the use of English has become unavoidable, it is essential to master the spoken language in order to be professionally valued in one's field and to have access to specific jobs.

English has therefore become a basic skill to master and a coveted language tool with the power to move up the ladder and achieve higher earnings. Today you have all the tools and training you need to improve your English, the only thing left to do is to seize the opportunities that will help you achieve your professional goals.

Why choose our Professional English course?

Business Speaking is a company with a wealth of expertise and has English teachers in all fields for quality, tailor-made language training.

The business-conversation adapted to your function and your trade will enable you to quickly develop your English skills by improving 5 times faster, whatever your level. With the accelerated professional English course, you will also be able to practice English in a real-life situations by plunging you into total immersion from the start of your training.

Learning is hybrid and can take place at the office, by phone or by Visio, this can be done at any time of the day. Combining all of these communication methods makes it possible to be even more in tune with the reality of the business world, which has been greatly influenced by the growth of digital technology.

The 5 added values of Business Speaking

In the form of role-playing, interviews and simulations to practice your business relationships, conference calls and company presentations based on your daily work.

A non-school, non-written method, without books, without work to do at home.

Throughout your package, you can change teachers to explore different accents

They are based in France and are available from Monday to Sunday. Having teachers who are native speakers of their own language and who have really immersed themselves in their culture will allow for genuine interaction.

Hours to suit all schedules.

What are the advantages of doing the Business Speaking English course:

Achieving your professional goals through a tailor-made professional English training that really adapts to your needs, your level and your schedule

  •  A improved confidence in speaking through constant training in spoken communication and role-playing.
  • A refresher course and the mastery of a professional vocabulary extended and adapted to your sector of activity with the development of a personalised glossary.
  • A strengthening of the listening skills and the level of understanding of English which will enable you to maintain a dialogue in all circumstances of your profession.
  • A fluidity of your oral expression in English by improving your ability to construct sentences spontaneously
  • A correction and answers to your questions in real time for continuous improvement
  • Unlimited access for a period of 6 months at e-radio Learning to continue to progress when you want to and get your hearing used to the language.

The accelerated spoken English method

The objective of the accelerated spoken English programme is to raise the level of the student's English language skills much more quickly, as opposed to conventional English language training, where mastery of the language is slower.

This is because constant interaction keeps your memory and brain stimulated, which maximises the effectiveness of the training and allows you to quickly gain skills..

What are the advantages of this learning method?

How can I finance the accelerated professional English course?

The accelerated professional English course can be 100% funded by the CPF personal training account of users. Business Speaking also offers 1 free trial lesson without obligation, accompanied by an evaluation of your English level. So don't hesitate and take the plunge.

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